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Family Meals

3 Easy Steps:
1. Select your meals
   a. Start by choosing your entree
   b. Select two sides for every entree ordered
   c. Select as many meals as you would like for the upcoming week
2. Choose pick up or delivery
   a. Pick up or delivery date will be stated at the top of your order form
   b. All pick and deliveries will be done between 1:00PM-3:00PM on that given date
   c. If you are unable to be home during the time of your delivery, we ask that you leave an ice chest with an ice pack, large enough to    fit your food, on your front porch so that we can still deliver your food.
3. Enjoy
   a. Refrigerate meals until you are ready to unpack
   b. Heat and eat

If you want your order on Tuesday you must have your order placed online by the Friday before.
If you want your order on Friday you must have your order placed online by the Tuesday before.

You are currently ordering meals to be delivered or picked up on: 06/05/2020

Family Meals for 4 Qty     Meal

Grilled Tri Tip - Marinated in our signature sauce $55 (ea)Gluten Free
Teriyaki Chicken - Marinated in our Poi Boy Sauce $50 (ea)Gluten Free
Chicken Fajitas- Lots of flavorful veggies $50 (ea)Gluten Free
BBQ Pulled Pork- In our Poi Boy BBQ Sauce $45 (ea)
Huli Huli Chicken- Special Family Sauce $45 (ea)
Grilled Veggie Skewers- Veggies rubbed with seasonings on a stick $40 (ea)
Choose Your Sides (2 Sides Per Meal)

Cheesy Potato Bake
Refried Beans
Mac & Cheese
Hawaiian Veggie Medley
Green Garden Salad
Cucumber Tomato Salad
White Rice
Grilled Veggie Tray
Pasta Salad
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Delivery ($10 Delivery Fee)

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